5 Common Myths You Should Know Before Installing New Hardwood Floor

1.Hardwood is Harder Than Softwood

The terms hardwood and softwood are definitely two of the most misleading comparison when choosing which type of wood flooring to be installed in your home. When people think of softwood species, they immediately think of spruce, cedar, and pine, and in terms of hardwood, they think of maple and mahogany. What differentiates these two terms is actually the density that determines the hardness and strength of a tree. Hardwood tends to be more dense than softwoods and dense woods often shrink and swell more than woods with less density.

2. Hardwood Flooring is Too Pricey

The answer to that is both yes and no. Yes, hardwood flooring is more expensive in the beginning than other flooring alternatives like tile and carpet, however, if compared in the long term, hardwood flooring is much more cost-effective. If installed and maintained correctly, hardwood can last a long time compare to other floorings that would look outdated and require replacements after a few years. Think of a time when you visited a house previously inhabited by a historical person, eg: Adams National Historical Park, its flooring is hardwood flooring. That means hardwood flooring can last for centuries with proper maintenance.

3. Hardwood Will Get Scratched 

Although  hardwood can scratch more easily than laminate or other flooring materials there are many ways to prevent scratches from happening. Here are a few tips on how to keep your hardwood floors scratch free. 

  • Scratches can be prevented by putting throw rugs and avoid high heels and shoes that would damage the hardwood.
  • Hardwood floor can also be sanded and refinished with a properly trained professional with the proper equipment to restore its appearance to be just like newly-bought.
  • For more tips on cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors check out our blog- cleaning tips hardwood vs laminate

4. It is Hard to Keep Warmth in a Room Using Hardwood

Hardwood flooring actually does the opposite. Not only does it keep your house warm in the harsh New England weather, it also makes the environment warmer aesthetically. Hardwood would retain warmth released by heating systems since it has 5 times more insulating capacity than concrete and 10 times more than steel. With such high insulating capacity, it is the ideal floor material to keep your house warm and cozy during the severe and bitter New England weather.

5. Philippine Mahogany is Real Mahogany ?

The dark red color, decay, termite resistance and eye-catching mahogany wood appeals to many new homeowners looking to add a more classic environment to their home. When a new homeowner goes to their local lumberyard trying to get mahogany, its description writes “Philippine Mahogany” and it is cheaper than other mahogany types like American mahogany and African mahogany. Let’s install it…

Wrong!!! Many lumber yards sell you Philippine mahogany, a species of meranti as mahogany. Only the dark red has a higher chance of resistant to rot. If you want real mahogany, go for American mahogany that is produced in the Americas, it is the most durable mahogany available for hardwood flooring. African mahogany is less durable but it is a cheaper alternative for people that want mahogany flooring. So, be extra careful next time on what type of mahogany to purchase.

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