5 Telltale Signs it’s Time for New Floors


It is no secret that over time floors wear out and need to be replaced, typically after many years of use. When this time comes replacing your old, worn out or outdated floors with new hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring is the easiest way to get beautiful, clean floors in your home again!

Thinking about investing in some beautiful new floors but don’t know if the time is right? Check out these 5 telltale signs it’s time for new floors!

You’ve had the same carpet for years or even decades!

Carpets were a big trend in homes built or renovated decades ago, but if you have had the same carpet for over 10 + years it may be time for an upgrade. Even with strict maintenance carpets should only last about 5 years. General wear and tear can make your carpet seem worn, wrinkled and generally not look its best! Bring your home into this decade and replace your old worn out carpeting with new hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring.

Your carpets look dirty & dingy (even after cleanings)

Do you have a carpet in your home that no matter how many deep cleanings you give it, it still ends up looking dirty and dingy? Daily foot traffic can leave your carpets permanently dirty that not even the deepest cleaning can fix. And not to mention the smell. Carpets are great at absorbing odors and over time your home can begin to smell from your old carpets. Switch out your smelly and dirty carpets with fresh new floors suck as hardwood or a luxury vinyl to prevent future funkiness

Floors are disconnecting from subfloor

Have you noticed your carpets beginning to curl up in the corner or maybe you have noticed a loose floorboard here and there? These could often be side effects of a larger underlying issue such as hardwood warping or fiber weakening. These issues are often not easily fixed without a full overhaul of your flooring.

Floors are outdated

Are you looking to update your home? Outdated or out of style floors are the perfect place to start! Replace your old outdated carpet or ugly floors with beautiful new hardwood flooring! This is a simple and easy way to drastically upgrade your home!

Looking to sell your home

Old unattractive floors are a big turn off to potential home buyers. In fact, replacing your floors is one of the simplest ways to drastically increase the value of your home. So if you are thinking about putting your home on the market consider replacing your floors to help you get the most value out of your home.

If any of these signs describe your home’s flooring it may be time to replace your floors! Contact the flooring masters at Park Avenue Flooring we offer a wide variety of affordable flooring products from hardwood to laminate & vinyl.

And the best part we bring the showroom to you! No need to leave your home to view samples we bring our wide variety of samples right to your home so you can compare styles, colors & more without leaving the comfort of your home!

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