8 Signs Your Floors Need to Be Replaced

outdated flooringFlooring, as a general rule, lasts longer than just about anything else in a house. Many floors come with twenty to thirty-year warranties and it’s not uncommon to walk into well-maintained historic homes that still have beautiful flooring from over a century ago. However, as with most things in houses, floors do sometimes need to be replaced.

If you’ve been putting up with less-than-ideal floors in your home, now might be the time for you to seriously consider ripping them up and starting anew. This guide features a few situations in which new floors are almost certainly the best solution for homeowners. If one of these scenarios resonates with you, it’s safe to bet that flooring installation is in your immediate future.

There Is Visible Damage

Visibly damaged floors are not just unsightly, but potentially dangerous. In regard to floors, the word “damage” often refers to patches of carpet that have been worn threadbare, planks of hardwood that are rotted or altogether missing, or vinyl that is starting to crack and peel.

Any of these issues could be hazardous, particularly to small children or pets. Threadbare carpet can expose carpet staples, which can run into hands and feed. Broken hardwood planks can, at best, leave splinters or, at worst, leave gashes. Broken vinyl can also be sharp enough to break the skin. If your floors are too damaged to fix, it’s time to replace them for your family’s safety and for aesthetics.

You’re Getting Ready to Sell

The idea of putting new flooring in a house when you’re prepping to sell may seem ridiculous, but it’s actually a good call in most cases. Over time, interior decorating trends change, flooring gets worn, and life simply happens. If the floors in your house are older, it’s a great idea to replace them with something modern before you list your home.

If you’re using a real estate agent, consult with him or her before you go through with such a major project. Not only will he or she be able to provide you with sound advice, but he or she may be able to recommend a flooring installer who will give you a discount for reflooring your entire house at once.

They Look Outdated

Remember those lime green linoleum tiles you loved in the 1980s? Not so sure about them now? You’re not alone. Lots of people live with flooring choices they regret because they don’t think they have any other choice. The truth is, though, that lots of today’s flooring options, including laminate and vinyl planks, are attractive and affordable. You don’t need to live with outmoded floors any longer

The Floor is Uneven

Uneven floors are frustrating and a tripping hazard. If you’ve caught your toe one too many times, you should start thinking about replacing the offending flooring. In some cases, uneven floors are actually caused by foundational issues, so it’s a good idea to have a general contractor take a look at your house before you have your new floors installed.

Extensive Wear & Tear

Some families are just harder on floors than others. Maybe you have large dogs or energetic kids. Perhaps you’ve rearranged a lot of furniture over the years. Whatever the reason, excessive wear and tear can be a reason to replace your home’s floors. At some point, flooring is no longer repairable and it only makes sense to buy new. Many of today’s flooring options are designed to hold-up to heavy use, which would probably be a great fit for your household.

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