Benefits of Dustless Sanding

floor sandingSanding is a part of the home improvement process that’s notorious for being messy and inconvenient, but there’s a new option that could eliminate those worries. Dustless sanding is the newest development in the world of sanding that homeowners and contractors alike will love.

Less Cleanup

Dustless sanding is exactly what it sounds like – dustless! The worst part of sanding is the dust that gets thrown onto every surface on your home to be cleaned up at a later time. Dustless sanding works by containing the dust in a bag as it’s made, creating up to 99% less dust in your home than traditional sanding.

No Allergens

The dust that comes along with traditional sanding is not only messy, but it can also be harmful to the health of your family members. Pets, children, and members of the family with asthma or allergies often have negative side effects from the large amounts of dust thrown into the air while sanding. Eliminating the dust means you can enjoy the benefits of sanding without having to worry that you could be harming your loved ones.

Better Results

Dust left behind on your home’s floors can lead to small scratches and scuffs in the wood. With dustless sanding, you don’t have to worry about your newly finished progress being ruined by the small particles. No dust means overall better and more precise results because you can see the wood as you work rather than just a layer of dust blocking your view! Sanding is time-consuming and mistakes from traditional sanding tend to be costly to repair, by opting for dustless sanding from the get-go you’ll be able to push those worries out of your mind.

More Efficient

Traditional sanding requires covering the surfaces of your home to avoid dust, which still inevitably makes its way through. Dustless sanding allows you to jump right into the work at hand without blocking off or covering certain parts of your home. Once the project is finished, you won’t be left spending days cleaning up the remaining dust particles as you would be with traditional sanding. You can sand your hardwood one day and enjoy it with guests the next without worrying of remaining dust particles on the ground, furniture, or in the air. That also means that if you’re renting a dustless sander you’ll be able to rent it for a shorter time span than you would a traditional sander, saving money too!

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