Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a common choice for homeowners to have in their home since its low maintenance, sustainable, and healthier for those who are prone to allergies. Hardwood floors are a bit more costly than carpets however they make a beautiful investment to your home and is easier to clean. Protect and maintain your investment and know the best way to clean your wood floors below!

Dust/Sweep Daily: With a microfiber cloth or mop dust your floors daily to prevent scratches and surface damage.  To clean your floors without damaging them, try not to lift the microfiber mop off the floor while cleaning so you can keep the dirt trapped on the pad.

Mop/ Vacuum Weekly:  Weekly maintenance with vacuums and wet mops is ideal to use with reaching areas that were too hard to reach when dusting. Vacuums and wet mops can grab the dirt trapped between the spaces of each piece of hardwood and pesky corners. Make sure when using your vacuum that it isn’t damaging your floors with its wheels or with a mop, remember that wood and water do not mix! Avoid having extra liquid on the floor and instead mist a hardwood floor cleaner to give it a good clean and shine.

Polish Monthly: Every few months clean your hardwood floor with a polish. Polishing restores the finish that protects your hardwood floors. Your hardwood floors can be protected with a polish from microscopic scratches and the floor’s protective surface can be evened out.

Deep Clean Yearly: Over the years your hardwood floors will go through some abuse so to keep them looking new, every 3-5 years do a deep clean. A deep clean can consists of sanding and refining your hardwood floor which will completely remove the old protective finish and replaces it.  Sanding and refining can also repair deep scratches or gouges on your floor.

The best way of cleaning your hardwood floors is ultimately time and patience. But with Park Avenue Flooring’s simple tips and techniques, your hardwood floor investment will go a long way and keep your home looking beautiful.  Park Avenue Flooring is the largest flooring installation company in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Contact us at 508- 922-2170 or use our contact form to get the best hardwood floor installations or dust-free flooring installations for your home!

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