Choosing Hardwood Flooring to Match Your Home Décor

Everyone desires to live in a beautiful house, and although a home renovation may not be in the budget, there are plenty of tricks to boost your home’s interior. While many homeowners on a tight budget opt for a new kitchen countertop or a soak-in tub, replacing the  flooring is the best way to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. Hardwood floors are by far the most durable and beautiful flooring option available today. Regardless of the type of décor in your home, there are plenty of hardwood options to complement your style.

With our in-depth knowledge and years of experience, we’ve put together a list of items to look for when searching for new hardwood flooring.

Board Size: First and foremost, choose the board size. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from narrow small strips to broader rectangular shapes. You can even opt for small squares or you can select alternating patterns of your choice.

Type of Wood: If you are looking for a more durable setting, then try maple or cherry, which are most commonly used and known for their hardness. If you are looking for something more visually striking, then try Mahogany, which is quite expensive but has a beautiful lustrous look.

Textures: The texture of the wood planks for hardwood flooring varies as well. If you are a fan of antiquity, then choose antique-looking wood planks. They not only add an element of class to your flooring, but the patterns remain intact even if the hardwood floors do get worn down over time.

Durability: Durability is a huge factor when choosing a hardwood flooring material. If you don’t typically have guests or people walking around the house, choose mahogany styled flooring. For those of you with kids and a busy household, you should opt for red oak or similar variety which offers durability and resistance. You can opt for a combination of different wood types for hardwood flooring, depending upon the usage of the area.

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