Investing in a new hardwood, laminate, or vinyl floor installation is one of the best ways to transform the look and feel of your home.  Not only will you love the new change, you will also add significant value to your home. While it can be exciting to consider a new floor in your home, many families and homeowners avoid the project because of the dust and mess it can cause. In some cases, reckless flooring installations can leave dust and cause health issues for families. At Park Avenue Flooring, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect a dust-free installation process that puts all these worries to rest, giving you the floor of your dreams without any of the health risks or mess that floor installations can sometimes cause.

Our dust-free installation process was designed with a combination of both our flooring expertise and the considerations of what we would want for our families out of a new floor installation. As a result, we now have perfected a dust-free installation process for hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring projects. At Park Avenue Flooring, we believe in making every effort to make ourselves a full-service company, therefore we provide everything from the materials needed to the installation. We even bring the showroom to you to help you choose the type of flooring you want in your home!

At Park Avenue Flooring, we believe in getting the beautiful look and feel that comes with a new hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring installation without sacrificing the cleanliness and safety of your home. Our trained technicians are experts in installing these flooring types while keeping your home dust-free and safe for your children, pets, and yourself. Want to know more about how we keep your home clean and safe during our installation process? Contact us today with questions or to receive a free estimate on a dust-free installation in your home!

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We specialize in many different kinds of hardwood floors, including oak, maple, cherry, hickory, and many more. Come home to a great new stylish look for your floors while improving the resale value of your home. Laminate flooring can be a cost-effective solution while still giving your home or business the necessary face-lift it needs! Laminate floors have the same great look as hardwood floors at a fraction of the costs. Vinyl floors are a popular choice for flooring installations in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl floors are water resistant and stain resistant which makes them a perfect option for flooring if you have messy children or pets! Vinyl flooring is known to last a long time.

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