Tips On Extending the Life Of Your Hardwood Floors

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Did you know that 35 percent of interior designers surveyed in 2016 expected to install a higher number of hardwood floors for in 2017? A survey by the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) which puts hardwood flooring in the highest growth category among all the types of flooring, beating out other popular flooring choices including vinyl flooring, laminate wood flooring, and reclaimed wood flooring. In the United States, the total spent on hardwood flooring is four times the amount 20 years ago.

Today Park Avenue Flooring wants to provide recommendations to our customers to maintain their hardwood floors, so they continue to look great for many years to come!

• For your furniture, make sure that you pick up some plastic or felt protectors from any local hardware store to place under the furniture legs. This will minimize scratches and when rearranging furniture, always lift pieces instead of sliding them.

• If your hardwood floors are in the kitchen, place a mat in front of the sink and range to avoid wearing bare spots in the floor.

• Keep dirt off your floors by placing doormats in front of any outside entrances, because dirt and grit indoors will decrease the lifespan of your floors. Vacuum frequently with canister vacuums or pet-friendly upright vacuums. Also, if you can do so, we definitely recommend instating a no-shoes policy in order to preserve floors even better.

• Avoid using steam mops on any hardwood floors. The hot water vapor from the mops can be forced into cracks and crevices which could potentially affect the baseboards, the underlying structure of your floors, or cause issues with the finish of your floors

If you are looking for a top quality hardwood flooring installation specialist across Massachusetts or Rhode Island, Park Avenue Flooring serves everywhere from Wellesley MA to Falmouth MA to Providence RI and beyond. Contact us at (508) 922-2170 for a free quote or more information, we can even bring the showroom to your house and provide guidance in choosing your designs for your new hardwood floors.

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