Why Hardwood Floors are Best for Your Pets

There are many people who pay attention to every minute detail when it comes to designing their home. Be it the floor or curtains, they like everything to be as up-to-date as possible.

If you belong to the group of people who have pets around and would like to look for floors that will be best for your pets, look no further.  Keeping aside popular suggestions like marble or vinyl flooring, you should go for hardwood floors. Now, this statement might seem like a surprise but there are a lot of reasons as to why a hardwood floor can be one of the best options for your pets.

In this article, we will thoroughly explain some of the reasons you should prefer a hardwood floor for your pets.

Hardwood Floors are Better than Carpets

Contrary to popular belief, carpets might not be completely suitable for pets. In the situation where your dog constantly sheds or an odor typically lingers, you might expect the hair and smell to remain regardless of how much cleaning is done. Many carpet cleaners are extremely toxic to pets as well, even over-the-counter pet deodorizers can be harmful.

Hardwood Floors Add Comfort to the Home 

The ideal clean and smooth surfaces for your pets include cherry, oak, walnut, and bamboo. Pet owners rave about hardwood floors because they provide a sense of warmth and comfort to the home while offering resistance to scratches. Not only will your pet feel comfortable running around the home but you can feel at ease knowing you don’t need to worry about your flooring.

Cleaning in Under 15 Minutes

It will hardly take 15 minutes of your time to efficiently clean hardwood floors and they do not require the use of expensive bleaches. You can sweep up the pet hair quickly and then mop over the floor. Stains are easily removed by mopping or by wiping the floor with a paper towel. However, keep in mind that any stains should be cleaned immediately.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

  • Scratches are actually found in the plastic of the finish rather than the wood itself. Scratches can easily be repaired with a coat of polyurethane or a stronger finish such as a waterborne finish.
  • Always make sure you consistently trim your pets’ nails and if they come in with sand on their paws, make sure to wipe them off. You can also apply nail caps  just to be extra careful that they aren’t scratching too hard.
  • A runner along the front entrance of your home is perfect for those with a dog who is constantly dashing to the front door or window.

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