Home Improvement Projects to Complete This Winter

light hardwood floors in dining room

Choosing a Home Project for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to get work done around the house, as you’ll be stuck inside anyway! Use our tips to choose a home improvement project to focus on during the coldest months of the year and get your home in great shape before spring.

Paint a Room

Are you tired of that color you chose ten years ago? Why not change it this winter! Take some time to figure out which room or rooms you want to repaint then head to the nearest hardware store to begin looking at color options. Be sure the new color you choose won’t clash with furniture items in the room before you commit to one color.

Invest in a New Floor

Investing in a new floor this winter is a great way to bring warmth into your home. Giving a room in your home a new look and feel will transform the winter months, making it a more enjoyable time spent indoors. The best options for flooring this winter are hardwood, laminate, and vinyl installations. Hardwood flooring is hard to beat, offering customers a beautiful, classic look that lasts for decades. Laminate flooring is a close rival to hardwood flooring, giving homeowners the look and feel of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the price. Installing a vinyl floor will do wonders for your kitchen or bathroom and it is offered in both tile and sheets to make it even more customizable. 

Clean Up and Clean Out

Take advantage of all the time you’ll inevitably spend indoors by decluttering your spaces. There are countless rooms and closets in most homes that could use some attention, usually the garage, attic, junk drawers, and closets. Go through your belongings and get rid of whatever you don’t use or don’t need.

Home Improvement in Westport, MA

If you’re looking for a home improvement project in or around Westport MA, Park Avenue Flooring is here to help! A new hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor installation is just a phone call away! Contact us today for a free estimate on installing a new floor in your home.

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