How Durable is Laminate Flooring? – Wood Flooring Explained

laminate flooring

Wood flooring looks amazing in any home, regardless of age or style. With its natural, warm appearance, wood floors will improve the look and feel of your home instantly. One of the best options for wood floors is laminate flooring for several reasons, one being its durability.

A major factor for most people deciding which flooring option to choose is price, which often leads them to laminate flooring installations. Often half the price of hardwood flooring with the same great look, affordable laminate flooring proves to be the best option for many families. While the price may be selling point for many, what really convinces families to invest in laminate wood flooring is its durability.

Because laminate flooring is made from composite wood that is heated and pressed together, it is extremely durable. The process of heating and pressing the woods together ensures the flooring is prepared for even the toughest tests. Nearly impervious to scratches and other damaging actions that would be tragic to other flooring types, laminate flooring remains like-new.

Not only does laminate flooring resist damaging scratches and dents, but it also is unsusceptible to stains. Laminate flooring installations include a wear layer which protects the layer below that gives off the appearance of hardwood flooring. This protective layer is a great buffer separating your brand new laminate floor from elements around your home that could possibly damage your new floor. If you do spill or stain your laminate floor, it is one of the easiest flooring types to clean. It’s durability and easy cleaning makes laminate flooring the best flooring option for families.

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