How to Choose the Perfect Type of Flooring for Your Home

Hardwood flooring in living room

Though many homeowners desire a new look and a change for their home’s flooring, it is difficult to decide what type of flooring to choose. As hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring professionals, we know how tough it can be to choose the best option for your lifestyle, budget, and decor. Use our tips below to help guide you in making the right decision for your home.

Choosing a Room

In order to know which flooring option to choose for your next project, you should first decide which room you’d like to install a new floor in. The room or rooms in which you will be installing a new floor will have significant sway in this decision so it is important to make this choice as soon as possible. If you are interested in replacing the flooring in your living room, dining room, home office or bedroom, hardwood flooring is an excellent option. Hardwood flooring offers a look and feel that is hard to compete with and with the frequency that guests will be in these rooms, it is a great choice to both show off and give your home a classic look. For your kitchen, you should consider a more durable, easy to clean surface such as laminate flooring. It is also a great option for the same rooms where hardwood flooring is an option, as it is essentially a more affordable alternative that offers much of the same characteristics as hardwood flooring. If you are looking to replace the flooring in your bathrooms, vinyl flooring is your best option. It is both durable and water resistant so you can get a great new look for a great price.


Keeping your budget in mind is key to choosing the best option for your new floor. If you want new floors in multiple rooms in your home, surely you will need to pay attention to how much your favorite options will cost and how much you will be paying for the installation. Get estimates for hardwood flooring prices per square foot on this page and learn more about what to expect to pay for a new laminate or vinyl floor here.


When choosing a type of flooring to install in your room of choice, consider the current style of the room and decor to make sure the new floor will blend. Park Avenue Flooring brings hardwood, laminate and vinyl floor samples to your door to make this choice even easier. Contact us today to choose your samples!

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