How to Clean Your Composite Deck

As one of the most popular decking materials, composite decking does require to be cleaned throughout the year to keep it looking brand new for years to come. If this is your first time cleaning a composite deck, we here to help make sure the process goes smoothly.

Step 1 – Check Your Power Wash Setting

Before you get started, you’ll want to check the settings on your power washer. If you’re unsure of what these should be, check with the manufacturer of your composite decking or your installer! They can also recommend which tip to use to get a an even clean.

Step 2 – Test an Are

Any time you clean something for the first time, you should always do a spot test first. We recommend doing this on the side of your deck or on a small portion of the stair so that if something happens, you only have to replace a small area, instead of a large portion.

Step 3 – Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Once you’ve tested a spot and power washed the entire deck, apply your cleaning solution. Most manufacturer’s recommend applying the cleaning solution in the early morning hours or later at night so the solution does not evaporate in the sun.

Step 4 – Spray Your Deck Clean

Once the recommended time has gone by, spray your deck clean with your power washer. If you are planning on applying any other treatments, wait a full 24-hours to ensure the deck is completely dry.

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