How to Maintain Your New Hardwood Floors

Hickory Wood Flooring In Home

If you just installed hardware floors in your home, you know how precious they are. Hardwood floors can be damaged easily if you don’t take the necessary steps to protecting them. Use our tips below to protect your investment and make your hardwood floors last as long as possible before they need any professional work.
Be Attentive to Your Floors– A hardwood flooring installation can last a long time if you are attentive and keep up with the floor’s needs. Regularly cleaning your hardwood floors will surely extend its lifespan but be careful how you choose to clean. Use a soft-bristled broom that will be delicate on your floors so there is no risk of scratching.
Immediately Clean Stains & Spills– If you spill, stain, or otherwise damage your new hardwood floor, act quickly to avoid lasting damage. For those stains that are particularly sticky or difficult to remove, try using ice to loosen the substance then gently apply pressure to keep your hardwood floor clean.
Invest in a Humidifier– If you live in New England, you know how humid it can get and how moisture lingers in the various seasons. Because of the authentic wood used in hardwood flooring installations, it is at risk of shrinking in warm, humid weather. By running a humidifier during this weather will significantly decrease the chances of your hardwood floor shrinking.
Keep an Eye on Pets & Kids– If you have children and/or pets, be sure you keep a close eye on them and how they’re interacting with your new hardwood floors. Pets and children can be the biggest causes of damage to new hardwood floors but often, these incidences are preventable. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch your hardwood floor and advise your children to play in a different room.
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