How to Prepare for a Flooring Installation In Your Home

Get Your Home Ready for a New Floor

So you’ve decided to install a new hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring in your home but now what? In the time between when you decide on a flooring installation and when the company comes to begin the job, be sure to prepare your home for what is coming. Use our guide to get the inside scoop on what you should be doing around your house before your flooring professional arrives to begin installing a new floor in your home.

Inspect the Room

Spend some time in the room where you’re installing a new floor and take a good look around. Check for any breakables and find a temporary home for those belongings that fit into this category. Though they will likely be safe if they remain in this room, you should remove them to be safe. 

Remove All Necessary Items

Check for other materials you may want to remove, such as items you may need during the installation process which you may be temporarily unable to reach. You should also remove anything plugged into outlets such as space heaters, extension cords, fans, etc. Not only will you ensure these items remain out of the way, but they will also be accessible to you during the installation process. Remove anything hanging from the walls as well to prevent any potential damage.

Change the Temperature

Speak with your flooring professional to see what the proper temperature should be during the time of installation. Some types of wood and installation processes call for a specific temperature range so be sure to check in before the installation begins.

Choose Dust-Free Installation

Whether you are deciding to go with a hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring installation, be sure to choose a company that offers dust-free installation. Choosing this installation will make the entire process safer and cleaner for your whole family. Dust-free installation means you won’t have to worry about residue remaining after the installation and causing breathing problems for anyone in your home. Park Avenue Flooring based in Westport MA offers dust-free installation to a range of towns including but not limited to Brookline, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Sherborn, and Weston MA. Contact us today for a free estimate on installing a hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor in your home!

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