How To Prepare Your Home For New Floors

blog 2How Should I Prepare For My New Hardwood or Laminate Floor?

So you’ve picked out your gorgeous new hardwood floor, and you might be wondering “What steps can I take to prepare for the installation?” Follow these tips to ensure the process goes smooth and that your new floor looks as best as possible!


  • Clear the Room

The space that will be receiving the new floor should be as clear of objects as possible. Remove any furniture, electronics, and appliances. If you have anything valuable hanging on the walls, such as a painting or a signed poster of your favorite athlete, remove those too just in case. Also as an added precaution, remove anything hanging from the ceiling if possible.

  •  Prepare an Area for Cutting

The installers will need a space for cutting the materials in order to ensure a perfect fit. Ideally this space will be outside with access to an electric outlet. This space can also be used by the installers to store flooring materials.

  • Furnishings & Paint

If you also plan to paint your room, it is recommended that you paint beforehand. Using chemicals to clean paint that falls on the floor, can ruin your hardwood.

Baseboards and molding can also be removed prior to floor installation if you would like a cleaner fit and to prevent any accidental damage.

  • Dust Control

Normally for a hardwood installation, you would want to hang sheets from the doorways and keep a fan directing air outside to keep the dust at bay. Luckily you have chosen to have your floors installed by Park Avenue Flooring, which offers dust-free flooring installations!

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