Low Cost Home Improvements to Increase Property Value

Homeowners that are thinking about selling in the near future are always looking for low-cost ways to increase their property value and entice buyers. Certain rooms face more scrutiny than others, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Luckily there are improvements that homeowners can make to these rooms & more that will increase the home’s value without breaking the bank.

Half-Way Bathroom Remodel

Doing a full bathroom replacement is extremely expensive and inconvenient when you factor in cabinetry, vanity design, lighting, and plumbing. A half-way bathroom remodel should focus only on replacing what is too outdated to keep instead of changing the entire room layout. For example, cracked tiling or stained flooring has to go. The same goes for old wallpaper, fixtures, and decor. Changing out fixtures like the toilet paper holder, towel racks, and cabinetry hardware can also make a big difference in appearance with a small budget. Narrowing down your bathroom remodel to only what is necessary will save you time and money compared to a full remodeling project.

Landscape Revamp

New buyers can often make their subconscious decision about a home before they even walk through the door. The market is all about curb appeal, and in this case, your home’s outdoor area is everything. If you have a deck or patio, you should make sure you maintain them and keep them clean. Just because you don’t have a deck or patio doesn’t mean your outdoor space has to work against you. You can make easy and lowcost improvements to your home’s exterior by picking weeds and then planting & watering fresh grass seed. It also helps to plant flowers and You will also want to make sure all of your walkways and stairs are in good shape, with no bricks, cobblestones, or tiles missing. This will help make sure buyers want to see what’s inside, instead of run in the other direction!

Flooring Replacement

Old and dirty looking flooring is huge turn off to potential buyers. If your flooring is damaged or unsightly, buyers will look at it as something that will need an immediate replacement and therefore as an added cost to them. Some of the most unappealing issues with flooring include carpet stains, lifts in vinyl or laminate floors, and rotted or warped hardwood floors. New flooring not only adds a better look but also connotes good hygiene. When choosing your replacement flooring, keep in mind that hardwood flooring is an option with a huge resale value. Laminate flooring is also a popular choice because it can give the same look as hardwood with a lower price tag. 

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