Preparing Your Hardwood Floors for the Holidays

christmasThe Holidays are right around the corner and that means baking cookies, preparing turkey and having your home filled with friends and family. This also means your beautiful hardwood floors can take a beating. Here are some essential flooring tips to make sure those hardwood stay as shiny as the decorations!

You want your floors looking best during the holiday season. But there are a myriad of things that your floors deal with during the holiday season that could cause them to look dull and less than impressive.

Christmas Trees: Live Christmas trees require frequent watering to stay alive throughout the holiday season. Water can cause a long list of issues to hardwood floors when not cleaned up properly including wood warping. To protect your floors from Christmas tree spillage, place a sheet of plastic under your live tree to watch any water that may spill out from the tree holder.

Rock Salt: We all dream of a white Christmas, but along with snow comes melting agents like rock salt. And when friends and family come over they are bound to track in exterior debris that can be damaging to your floors. When left on hardwood floors, they will cause damage to the finish that will leave them looking filmy and spotty. If you use these agents on walkways or entry ways they can easily attach to visitors shoes and wreck your beautiful floors. As guests to remove their shoes and leave them near the entrance way to protect finished floors or lay floor mats near the entrance to help remove debris from shoes.

Food & Drink: When you have a gathering where food and drinks are involved it’s almost impossible to not have any spills. Spills are inevitable but can be damaging to your floors if not cleaned properly. Only use a damp rag or mop to soak up spills never over wet the floors. And always run the mop with the boards not against the grain to help preserve the finish.

If the holiday season has your floors looking dull or lost their luster give your floors a quick facelift before the big holiday party with a professional refinishing.

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