Signs Your Deck Needs to be Replaced

No matter what material your deck is made of or how soundly it is built, your deck is going to degrade over time and there will come a time that it needs to be replaced. As one of your favorite places to relax and spend time outside, it’s important to keep up with any repairs or replacements over the years so you can continue to enjoy your deck, safely. Not sure if it’s time to replace your deck? Look out for these signs.

1. Rotting Posts

Older decks used to be constructed with the posts resting directly on the footings, which can cause rotting from exposure to water. Over the years, the way decks are constructed has been changed to avoid easy rotting but if your deck is older, it’s wise to keep an eye on these posts. When posts begin to rot, the deck loses its strength, which can become a safety hazard. Instead of simply replacing the post(s), it’s crucial to replace the entire deck to avoid it from collapsing in the future.

2. Loose Railings

Decks that have loose railings pose a safety issue, although it won’t collapse like it would if you have rotted posts.

Most railings are held in place with nails and overtime, these nails become loose, causing the railings to feel loose as well. By simply replacing the nails the problem should be fixed but if you continue to experience loose railings, it’s time to replace your deck!

3. Failing Ledger Boards

Ledger boards are how your deck is secured to the side of your house, which can cause massive issues if they begin to fail. If you notice this issue, it’s wise to replace your deck as soon as possible.

4. Significant Structural Damage

No matter what the cause is if your deck has significant structural damage, the time to replace your deck has arrived. If the damage appears to be from termites or appears after a storm, having your deck inspected will allow you to protect your home as well as save some money with an insurance claim.

5. Your Deck Doesn’t Meet Regulations

If you have an older deck, it might not meet the state and local regulations that are put in place for safety. Depending on where you live, you might not have to replace your deck right away but it’s always good to keep up on these regulations in order to avoid fines or lawsuits in the future if something was to happen.

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