The Benefits of Dustless Sanding & Refinishing

Hardwood floors are easily one of the most popular flooring options for homeowners. Hardwood floors provide a classic look that many consumers would want to implement into their home. While it is very much sought after, hardwood flooring does come with its own shortcoming. Having hardwood flooring in your home requires a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep such as periodic refinishing.

The traditional method of sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor is understood as being both frustrating and inconvenient. The traditional method of sanding and refinishing creates a fairly large mess in the home, dust particles can be harmful to contractors working on the project, and in most cases, the homeowners would have to vacate the house while the floors are being sanded. It is because of these reasons that dustless hardwood sanding and refinishing have become an increasingly popular method. Here are some of the advantages of dustless floor refinishing over the traditional method of hardwood floor refinishing.

Dustless Floor Refinishing Efficiency: Dustless floor refinishing takes, on average, one day to complete. The traditional method may take several days to complete from start to finish.

Cost Effective: The average cost of dustless refinishing is more cost effective than moving forward with an entire floor refinishing process.

Added Health Benefit: For those who have problems with allergies, the process of dustless floor refinishing is better for those with allergies because there is much less dust that is involved comparatively to the traditional floor refinishing method.

We also recommend that the homeowner also utilizes a dustless hardwood sanding method prior to the refinishing process. Dustless hardwood sanding leads to not only a more time efficient and cleaner process but also additional benefits such as:

Healthier Indoor Environment: Dustless sanding eliminates airborne dust particles which are important if the homeowners or family members have a dust allergy or asthma.

Quality Finished Result: Dustless hardwood sanding eliminates the possibility of dust getting into the floor finish when it’s drying during the finishing process.


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