The Latest Trends in Flooring

One thing we have observed at Park Avenue Flooring is seeing hardwood really take a vogue spot in the latest flooring trends. Architecturally, we are seeing more and more modern homes uniting kitchen and family rooms into one all-inclusive and expansive space, so we are starting to see more and more kitchen floors that use hardwood. The trend allows for a consistent flooring design across the entire home, allowing for a truly modern and sleek look.

For homeowners with cost as a strong consideration, laminate floors can fit the bill and achieve a similar classy look for a lower price. Laminate flooring consists of a thinner piece of wood with a separate material serving as the core, which creates structural stability at a lower expense than traditional solid hardwood.

For the most upscale homes, hardwood finishes appear to be trending towards darker stains, with grey tones becoming increasingly fashionable. We are also seeing larger or multi-sized planks as well as less traditional types of wood in use, like hickory, cherry, or walnut.

Also trending is the use of reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older flooring for reuse and is a green solution for flooring that is gaining in popularity. Reclaimed woods has the advantage of giving a fashionably worn texture that creates a surprisingly luxurious look in addition to its inherent environmentally friendly properties.

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