Trim is the crucial final detail of any home, sealing off the corners of the floor, doorways, and ceiling in an elegant way. As expert contractors in interior woodwork, we provide our full extent of services in installing, staining, and painting the trim to your exact specifications. We pay special attention to matching the trim to other portions of the house, and ensuring that your home is well crafted down to the last detail.

Our services

  • Repair and replacing existing woodwork
  •  Custom designs to suit your home and furnishings
  • Installation of crown molding, window trim, door trim, flex molding, baseboard, wainscoting, chair railing etc.
  • Prepare surface for painting and staining as necessary
  •  Painting and staining

Why Choose Park Avenue?

For over 20 years, Park Avenue Flooring has been a leader of the flooring industry. From vinyl and laminate to hardwood flooring, our team is realiable, provides high quality services, and will walk you through our entire process. When new flooring is installed, one of the last tasks that needs to be completed is to replace the baseboards. Instead of worrying about installing this yourself, our team will incorporate this finishing touch into your flooring installation! 

We Match Guaranteed!

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