What Are the Best and Worst Rooms for Hardwood Flooring?

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Installing hardwood floors in your home is an exciting prospect for homeowners everywhere. Often times, homeowners are excited at the idea of hardwood floors but don’t necessarily think of all the details, for example, which rooms they would like to install them and how to best maintain your hardwood floors once they are installed. This is an essential question your installation company can help you answer but you should begin to think about which rooms will be best for a new hardwood floor installation in your home. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best and worst rooms in your home for hardwood flooring to help you to best extend the life of your hardwood floor installation. Read our guide below to help you decide which rooms would be best for your new hardwood floor!

Best Rooms for Hardwood Floors:

Living Room– For most families, living rooms are where you spend the most time as a family as well as house guests. The living room gives off the persona of your homeowners so the living room is often the perfect place for a new hardwood floor. If you do decide to install hardwood flooring in your living room, be cautious of sun damage.

Dining Room– Your dining room is often home to some of your more formal and larger family gatherings so hardwood floors are perfect to match the whole aesthetic of your dining room and the events you host.

Home Office– If you work from home, you should put serious time and effort into making your home office both comfortable and beautiful. Hardwood floors are perfect to go with any home office to give it the touch it needs.

Worst Rooms for Hardwood Floors:

Laundry Room– Because this room will surely have exposure to heat and dampness, hardwood floors are not a good idea for your laundry room.

Bathroom– Your bathroom is a risky place to install a new hardwood floor, as it is daily exposed to moisture and water. Water is one of hardwood floors’ biggest enemies so if you are willing to invest in hardwood floors, you should do so in a less risky environment.

Foyer– Your foyer receives the most foot traffic in your home so it is at a high risk for stains, scratches, and other damages. It is best to keep hardwood floors further inside your home and minimize damage.

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