Are Hardwood Floors a Smart Investment?

We all come to a point in time when we ask ourselves which hardwood flooring to choose for our home, whether to choose hardwood flooring or not, when to refurnish or change our hardwood flooring. Trust me we’ve all been there, let’s see a few facts to embellish the smart decision of hardwood flooring

  1. Longevity: Among the most durable and long living materials for flooring is hardwood. In fact, some hardwood floors stay intact for 25 years. The dependence is upon the installation of subfloors, plank thickness and the maintenance you give to it.
  2. Increased Value: Hardwood is a definite investment that increases the market value of any property. Not only do your floors become durable, they get pricey as many hardwoods get more valuable with age.
  3. Ease of Cleaning: Hardwood is rather easier to maintain. You’ll just need to dust and mop it, the frequency of which depends on traffic in that area. Refurnishing of many types of woods is just required once or twice in its entire lifetime. But with prefinished hardwood flooring that isn’t much of a problem as the hardwood is engineered to withstand years of mopping ahead. As compared to carpeting and even tiles, hardwood is way easier to clean and a healthier, and its a much safer option when you have kids running around.
  4. Warmth: Nothing can replace or even come close to the warmth of hardwood. The aesthetics of a wooden floor structure is second to none. Evenings and mornings get warmer with the deep colors of Brazilian and American Hardwood.
  5. Color: Harwood goes on to create all sorts of looks; country, rustic, sleek, warm, classic, traditional, exotic and luxury. One of the most important facts to remember about the color of hardwood is that lighter shades of hardwood like those of Maple and Ashwood tend to exhibit a spacious environment, while darker shades like that of Brazilian or American hardwood fill up the room giving a fuller look.
  6. Hardness: Some hardwoods unlike others with proper maintenance are quite susceptible to traffic. Ashwood among many types of hardwood displays a very hard, sturdy nature and can be used even to make a hockey stick, garden tool handles and even skates let alone foyers or entrances. Natural Ashwood is naturally light and quite shock resistant if you’re conscious about breaking your precious decors or kitchen ware.
  7. Budget: Among the chief factors for decision is the budget that goes into hardwood flooring and other types of flooring.

When buying or selling any piece of property the above-mentioned factors greatly affect one’s decision. Hardwood is a phenomenal investment that will surely increase the value of your property.

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