Why Should I Install Hardwood Floors Instead of Marble?

While choosing the perfect flooring for your home may seem like a simple task, it can often cause anxiety if not planned correctly. With countless materials on the market, it’s important to take your time during the selection process. Many homeowners opt for marble as its incredibly durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, hardwood flooring has been increasing in popularity and with the low-price tag and easy maintenance, it is now one of the most commonly used materials for floors.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to a cost comparison, marble is not nearly as affordable as a hardwood floor. Not to mention the huge amount of money that is being spent on its maintenance. On the contrary, hardwood in comparison to marble will not be heavy on your finances and thus, less costly to maintain for longer periods of time.

Longer Life Span

It goes without saying that marble loses its actual shine with or without maintenance with the passage of time. Sure you can re-polish it but ultimately you would have to change it because it becomes dull.

Smooth Surface

Indeed, both these flooring plans offer smooth surfaces, however, the wooden floor can easily be washed as compared to the marble floor. Additionally, if you have a big family or if you have kids around, you will have a hard time maintaining marble because it has to be properly washed and taken care of.

Less Scratches

The biggest deal breaker for any floor buyer is that marble is extremely sensitive and it is not scratch resistant. Scratches can always be buffed out of hardwood floors and they look absolutely beautiful with an accent rug which will prevent further nicks and scratches.

Choose Hardwood Floors to Enhance Your Home’s Appeal

Once installed, both hardwood floors and marble floors look lavish and add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. However, if you are looking for permanent solutions for your home floor plan, make hardwood floors your first choice. Give us a call at 508.922.2170 to discuss hardwood flooring prices and installation services.

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